Why choose Quality Tech?

  • Because Quality Tech Ltd. is not a recruitment agency – our name is at stake for the services we provide
  • We pledge our name and reputation that you will get the quality software testing you are looking for and you deserve
  • Quality Tech gives you more than just people to do the job. Quality Tech itself is at your service as a company specialized in quality control
  • As our partners you receive constant quality assurance

Why do we do this?

  • Because Quality Tech Ltd. can be successful only when we give our best
  • We are ready to accept the challenges in software testing
  • We are here to help your company grow from a “good” to an “excellent” one in regards to the quality of your products or services

What do you get?

  • Qualified software testing specialists who have passed our own quality assurance process
  • Daily support from our side for every QA tester who will work with you
  • Performance monitoring by the QA manager of the company
  • On-site visits of the QA manager to assure the quality of the job of the QA specialists we have provided (on demand)
  • A stamp for quality you will be proud of
  • And much more based on your individual business requirements

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