The privacy policy is a policy which governs the collection, use, transfer, storage and deletion of personal information. It is information which may lead to the identification of any individual using our website.

Quality Tech Ltd. is obliged not to disclose any personal information about the Customer to third parties – government bodies, companies, individuals and others, except when he has received the written consent of the Customer information is required by state bodies or officials according to current legislation are entitled to request and collect such information. In such case Quality Tech obliged to provide information under the law.

Quality Tech declares that the personal information that it will collect will be kept in privacy, will be stored with precision and will be used only for the purposes of performing quality services by the company including sending of bulletins informing the customers of the company services and activities. The personal data may also be used for informing our clients for any changes in our services or products, as well as to invite customers to various events organized by or with the participation of Quality Tech Ltd.